VFAA Documents

NFAA and VFAA Membership Form current

Send all forms and checks to CD Miller
Make check to:  VFAA

Send all forms and checks to CD Miller
make checks to:  VFAA

NFAA Sectional Registration Form
NFAA Indoor Nationals Registration Form 2008
20 Pin Application
Art Young Big Game Award
Commercial Range Charter

Perfect Animal 280 Round

Robinhood Award

VFAA Registration Form, all Championships

VFAA Indoor Classification System

VFAA Outdoor Classification System

League Scheduler, 4 - 12 Teams

Indoor Score Card, VFAA

Older version, pre-2014

VFAA Indoor Report Form Excel 97-03

VFAA Indoor Report Form xlsx New Version

VFAA By-Laws current
These PINS are new for 2012
$1.98 each includes shipping
Use these PINS for awards and for your Lapel!
Order my sending a check made out to VFAA and mailed to:
James Overfelt
1250 Burley Lane
Blacksburg VA 24060

VFAA Indoor Scorecard by Jim Little, latest version in Adobe
Reader format

VFAA Indoor Scorecare by Jim Little in Excel format

VFAA Membership requires password