VFAA Documents

NFAA and VFAA Membership Form current

Send all forms and checks to CD Miller
Make check to:  VFAA

Send all forms and checks to CD Miller
make checks to:  VFAA

NFAA Sectional Registration Form
NFAA Indoor Nationals Registration Form 2008
20 Pin Application
Art Young Big Game Award
Commercial Range Charter

NFAA $25, VFAA $20, Total $45

Perfect Animal 280 Round

Robinhood Award

VFAA Registration Form, all Championships

VFAA Indoor Classification System

VFAA Outdoor Classification System

League Scheduler, 4 - 12 Teams

VFAA By-Laws current
These PINS are new for 2012
$1.98 each includes shipping
Use these PINS for awards and for your Lapel!
Order my sending a check made out to VFAA and mailed to:
James Overfelt
1250 Burley Lane
Blacksburg VA 24060

Scorecard and Registration Form, VFAA Indoor Championship

NFAA VFAA Current Membership Requires Password

VFAA Indoor Report Form