Triangle Archers,
Archery Club
Private Club, for Archers Only
1250 Burley Lane
Blacksburg VA 24060
Membership by application
Dues are minimal but require members to work on the range and during
tournaments. A minimum of 8 hours of work are required for members
age 14 and up.

If you can not work or help out, we have an additional $50 membership
fee for that situation. 8 hours minimum of work contributed and verified
by our officers are required.
There are NO public ranges anywhere in Virginia!

Established in 1940, the Oldest Club in Virginia

James Overfelt, President
Jim Overfelt email address

Bobby Kenley, Vice President (email)

Alice Overfelt, Financial Manager (email)

Randy Flinchum, IT & Computer Engineer (email)

___________________________, Range Captain

Club Rules, printable

Membership Form, printable

Triangle Archers (2016) Save this schedule (Membership NOT required)

3D Shoot,
May 22, 2016, Sunday, registration and shooting start at 9:00 am
3D Shoot, June 26, 2016, Sunday,
registration and shooting start at 9:00 am
3D Shoot, August 14, 2016, Sunday, registration and shooting start at 9:00 am
3D Shoot, September  18 Sunday 3D Shoot, registration and shooting start at 9:00 am
Our last 3D Shoot for 2016 is September 18., “Rain or Shine”

Range Finder Class, New in 2014 everyone shooting with this group must be registered
in "Range Finder"
Range Finder Class for 2015: All Males age 15 and up shoot as one group. All m
ale youth shoot as one group. All Female
s age 15 and up shoot as one group. All
Female youths shoot as one group. Registration is $15 and prizes are money.

Our members serve good food for you, please support us.  We have a deal with
Hardees and McDonalds, we will not take our food to their business and our
archers will not bring their food to our Shoot.

Awards for 3D will be TROPHIES or MONEY, Awards and door prizes given out at 4:00pm Sunday!
Fee is $12.00, $25 per immediate family Cub and Pee Wee $6.00,
Money Division and Range Finer Division is $15.00  No Family Rate in Money Divisions!
Registration  9-noon, you may reg. after noon but 3D Targets removed at 3:45pm!

Membership is open, join and shoot more!

Whitetail Outfitters 540-381-9790   Clubhouse 540-320-0925
Location: Triangle Bowhunters Range, 1250 Burley Lane, Blacksburg VA 24060. Rt. 460,
Scores and more information

Whitetail Outfitters sponsors our 3D's and furnishes the Door Prizes.
Result June 29, 2015 NFAA
Field Round

Lucas Kenley                556
Brad Baker                    553
Justin Hutchens             539
David Greer                   537
Jim Gregory                   532
Jeff Warf                        529
Bobby Kenley                527
Dean Carroll                  525
Alex Smith                      519
CD Miller                        498
Shawn Murphy               
Allen Spangler               359
Darryl Payne                  258
Triangle Archers
1250 Burley Lane
Blacksburg  VA 24060

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3D Schedule Flyer

Results July 12, 2015 28
NFAA Field Round,

Brad Baker  548  66x FS
Lucas Kenley  546 55x YSMFS
Jeff Warf 546 68x  Senior FS
Bobby Kenley 528  48x  Senior FS
Dean Carroll  527  42x FS
CD Miller 524  Silver Senior FS
Barry Wolfe  510 Silver Senior FS
Darrell Lovern  503  28x  FS
Jim Overfelt 500  Master Senior FS
Allen Spangler 331 Traditional
Darryl Payne  250 Senior Traditional

Thanks for supporting Triangle Archers.

Results, 3D September
20, 2015

May 22, 2016 3D Results

June 26, 2016 3D Results

3D Rules 2016

Purse Distrubution NFAA By-Laws 11.1

August 14, 2016 3D Results