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RESULTS VFAA 2009 Field Championship

Results, VFAA Open, June 12&13, 2010
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Results, VFAA Fall Championship
This message is to the VFAA clubs and shops that have expressed an interest in hosting a
VFAA Championship. The Details are set forth here. If your club/shop wishes to be one of the
hosts, reply with your intentions and agreement with the format and other pertinent details,
and include proposed shoot schedule times.
Bids for VFAA Indoor and Outdoor Championship must
be submitted by January 1 of the year to be held.


DATES: VFAA Indoor Championship, week after Vegas
VFAA Outdoor Closed in August each year, 28 Field and Hunter.

VFAA Indoor Championship, February week after Vegas, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Host
may select any or all of these dates and may select whatever combination of shoot and
practice times it so desires. Total host option of shooting dates and times. For example, your
club may not want to offer Friday night shoot times or Sunday morning shoot times, your

NFAA 300 round - blue and white target
Score Xs and count inside out X on last four ends for tie breaker.
NFAA rules and regulations will apply.

One round only is required for tournament competition. Additional rounds may be shot and
the highest of all rounds shot in a style will be used for tournament competition. Only whole
rounds may be recorded. Pieces of rounds may not be cobbled together to make a single

Practice will be available at the range. Exact times will be at the host option for scheduling

VFAA plaques will be awarded in all divisions and styles.
No Unit Rule.

The first round in any style is $14.00.
Additional rounds in the same style are $6.00.
Archers may register in as many different styles as they desire provided the proper fees are
paid and the style declared prior to shooting the particular round.


The host will collect registration fees and keep 100 percent.

The host will provide the building, range, target butts, target faces, and scorecards at its

All hosts will reimburse VFAA for awards and mailing on a pro-rata calculation based upon the
number of shooters at the host site out of the total number of shooters at all sites. Jim Quarles
is in charge of awards.

Hosts will submit the tournament report within three days or less in spreadsheet form to Jim
Overfelt, VFAA Vice President and Webmaster. The report will include the shooter's name,
address, NFAA member number, and all rounds shot separated by division and style. The
report spreadsheet will also include the name of the host site for each shooter in a column so

Upon receipt of your shooting dates and times, your information will be included on the VFAA

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Results VFAA Indoor Championship feb3,4,5,2017

VFAA Indoor Championship  Feb3,4,5, 2017
Sherwood Archers snd Amhest Arms

James (Jim) Overfelt
VFAA Indoor Championship 2017,FEB. 3,4,5,2017Amherst arms  

Sherwood Archers  Prince William Archers Bear   Creek  Augusta Archers  Amherst Arms

a Archers, Prince William Archers, Sherwood Archers, Bear Creek