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Getting information on the NFAA Mid-Atlantics is very

I, Jim Quarles, attended the mid atlantic meeting in
June 2013 and reported verbally at the VFAA annual
meeting August 2013. I did not prepare a written

No agenda has been set forth for the 2014 meeting.
the usual agenda is:
Report on recent indoor mids.

Set indoor mids dates, rounds, hosts, etc.
Set outdoor mids dates, rounds, host, etc.
Old business.
New business.

Perhaps with some encouragement, we may have a
report from the 2014 meeting that can be posted for
all the VFAA members to read.


Re:    Mid-Atlantic Meeting 2013 and 2014

Triangle members received information while at the
NFAA Nationals Indoor, that the Mid-Atlantic Sectional
Outdoor will be in Mechanicsburg PA this summer,
June 13, 14, 15, 2014.!events/cq4e

NFAA Sectional Registration Form

Mid-Atlantic Sectional Outdoor Championship 2014

Mechanicaburg PA

June 14, 15, 2014