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Kendall Woody shoots 559 Hunter, June 14 at the VFAA State
Open, hosted by Prince William Archers.

The highest ever shot in VA and during a State Championship

Kendall is our VFAA President, Professional Archer and Club
President of Walton Park Bowhunters

I don't know if Kendall collects NFAA 20 Pins, but he earned
all the Hunter's in one round!

VFAA Triple Crown Award
Anyone winning 3 VFAA State Championships in one style may

The Lapel Pins shown above are new for 2012 and are available
@ $1.98 each.
Look on the VFAA Documents Page for the ordering information.

NFAA National Indoor Champion 2012
KENLEY , LUCAS 600 112'xs  300 55 300 57
NFAA National Indoor Champion 2012
Freestyle, Men amateur

2009 Outdoor Champion, Men Freestyle
Mechanicsburg PA
National Record Animal Round

If you have archers in your club that will attend  our Miller
has the shirt inventory and Triangle has a few of each for

VFAA Golf shirt, white or blue    $26

VFAA T shirt    $14

VFAA hat         $12

 Click on the shirt images to enlarge.